Two separate weapons-related incidents reported at Summer Fair

Photo by Jeremy Champagne (Scramble Studio)

Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

At approx. 7:15 PM Saturday, security at the Summer Fair called stating that a male, who was found in possession of a machete, had been bear-sprayed by another unknown male.  Officers attended and arrested the 15 year-old accused, who had the machete concealed in his pants.  The suspect with the bear spray fled the fairground prior to police arrival, and has not been located.  The victim / accused refused to provide the name of his attacker to police, and he was subsequently released from custody, on appropriate police imposed conditions. He is scheduled to appear in court on July 19th, charged with possession of a weapon, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police were called to the Summer Fair at approx. 9:20 PM for a male, that security had apprehended, after he flashed a handgun in his waistband. Upon police arrival, the male was being detained on the ground by security. A replica Glock 19 BB gun was recovered from his waistband.  The 17 year-old accused remains in police custody and will appear before the court today facing a breach of probation and weapons related charges.