WCG Increases Internet Speeds as Major Network Upgrades Start to Take Effect


Westman Communications Group (WCG) announced it increased the internet speeds earlier this month. This is a result of the company’s $1.4 million investment into network
infrastructure upgrades which began in March 2022.

WCG is committed to continuously finding ways to improve and provide its members with the best internet and streaming TV experience. The company understands that more speed and increased reliability of its internet services are vital to delivering this promise.

With this upgrade, WCG members are now enjoying significantly faster internet at no extra cost, as internet plans offered by the company were given speed increases while maintaining current plan rates.

“WCG has been committed to giving the best service to its communities over the last four decades. The internet speed upgrade is timely, as faster and more reliable internet has been of utmost importance to our members. Especially with the increasing popularity of remote work, video streaming and other online services,” explains Bud Keys, Interim President, and CEO of Westman Communications Group. “Our network infrastructure upgrade that made this possible is a step for us to continue to provide the best service for our communities today and well into the future.”

WCG’s network upgrades will continue, with more experience improvements and
enhancements to come.

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