100 Men That Give A Damn Donate $7300.00

100 Men Who Give A Damn

Interesting concept that Brandon’s Chris Creighton thought hey this might just work here.

Tonight 73 local small business people came to the Glen Lea Golf Course to hear from three charities that were seeking financial assistance.  The average age of men attending was between 28 – 50 years old.

The overall idea is simple.  Each man donates 100 dollars and the total amount collected goes to the charity who receives the most votes. 

Funds for Furry Friends
Andrew Dunn

All very different charities that receive no Federal or gov’t support.

– First up was Funds for Furry Friends – they assist in fostering dogs and cats throughout Brandon area.  They encounter large vet costs in attempting to get these animals to healthy homes.

– Kidsport – last year they were able to raise locally about $68,000 and distributed the funds to children under the age of 18 to play baseball, hockey, and football etc.

– Andrew Dunn – Souris couple that have been involved with this decade old charity in attempting to raise more awareness for mental health issues.

Kidsport received the most votes and collected a cheque for $7,300.00 tonight.

Creighton was more than excited about the future.  “Imagine down the road we have 200 people and we present someone with a $20,000 cheque, now that's an impact"

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