100 Men Who Give A Damn…Bigger and Better


Round 3 of 100 Men Who Give A Dam will return on March 21st, according to Riley Day one of the members of the board.  Day along with Shane Cashin, Jason Earl, Spencer Day, Chris Creighton, and Bart Curtis and hoping this time around they will give one lucky charity $10,000.00.

The process is simple said Day. “We collect $100.00 from each guy in attendance (cash or cheque) and once the winner is chosen they get all the cash and the cheques.”  “Selected charities will have a representative on-hand who will make a quick pitch as to why they believe they deserve the money.  The men in attendance then vote on the charity they believe would benefit most from the money  The winning charity then issues a tax-deductible donation receipt…we don’t take a dollar for putting this together” added Day.

The Brandon chapter hopes to do 2 or 3 of these events per year.

Kidsport received $7,300.00 in the first 100 Men that Give a Damn.  Samaritan House was able to take $5,400.00 last year.

If your charity is interested in making a proposal to the members of this committee and having a chance at winning potentially $10,000.00, please contact.

Progressive Westman / Riley Day at 204 724 0572

For more information