2017 Food Truck Warz a look back in photos…

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Day 2 before the people arrive.

Vendors preparing for the Sunday crowd to fill in.

This guy will forever go down as the first person to ever receive food at Food Truck Warz in Brandon, MB.

KYU preparing some food to feed the hungry lineup.

Lineups starting to form at every truck.

People love their Ukrainian food. They sold out each day.

You are never too young to chip in and help out.

Putting a little spice in your life.

The lineups to the mini donuts were this long all weekend.

Best use of a baby stroller. When your arms are full of other things and you need to transport your food.

DJ Red enjoying some KYU Grill.

Taco’s proved to be very popular at this years event.

Churros makes everyone happy.

Now that’s a burger.

KYU Grill proved to be very popular all weekend.

Your first ever Food Truck Warz winner, The Churro Stop.