2020 Mauritian Pavilion at the Westman Multicultural Festival

Photo: Westman Multicultural Festival

Mauritius is a small island situated in the Indian ocean by the east coast of Madagascar. It is so far away from Canada, it would take at least two days or more to fly there. So, don’t worry Brandon, and Westman folks, who can’t go to Mauritius. The Mauritius Cultural Association of Brandon MB, in collaboration with the Westman Multicultural Festival society is bringing Mauritius to you for two days.

Entertainment will be provided by the one and only Island Vibes Dance Group with modern and traditional Sega music with traditional Mauritian instrument like hand drum (Ravanne), djembe, cajon, triangle and maravane.

Photo: Westman Multicultural Festival

Bring your family and friends to “visit Mauritius in two days” on January 24 & 25 at the Central United Church 327-8th street in Brandon Manitoba.The Mauritius Cultural Association is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary in Brandon.


Bol renverser (upside down bowl): bol renversé translates (unsurprisingly) as ‘upside-down bowl’. It’s a theatrical Sino-Mauritian dish that is found in Chinese restaurant menus across the island. The surprise is in the unveiling of the perfect dome of rice, topped with chicken and vegetables in a soy and oyster sauce. It is then crowned with a fried egg, which you take great pleasure in piercing so the golden yolk trickles down the sides.

Mauritian Fried noodle (Mauritian style).
Farata (flat bread) with potato curry.
Rougaille (tomato sauce) with chickpeas and vegetable.

Traditional Mauritian Roti (Farata/ Paratha) with the fillings that are served with it.

Keer (Mauritian style Rice Pudding)
Coconut Flan

Pop and water

Come visit the paradise island of Mauritius!  Line to their profile page can be found here.

(Courtesy: The Mauritius Cultural Association of Brandon MB)