36 Years of Beef is Over


If you can succeed over 3 years and stay alive in the highly competitive restaurant business you should have a degree of success.

However 36 years would be considered an eternity by most.

With new food delivery apps and national and international food chains coming to Brandon one would think being in that industry for 36 years as a small independent business would be nothing short of a miracle.

In 1970 Beef and Barrel opened on the North Hill in Brandon by Tom Cowan and then in 1987 purchased by Brian Kilborn whom has operated it since.  And on March 31, 2023 will be the final day of operations for Brian and his staff.

Kilborn told BDNMB.CA that he will now focus on traveling and being at the lake and enjoying the next phase of his life.

Crane Steel has purchased the building and land.  Jarod Crane said “Excited about providing another future development for the City of Brandon”.

Brian Kilborn also stated that on March 31st he will be giving away hamburgers and soft drinks until everything is gone.

The staff at BDNMB.CA and many other loyal customers will miss this local business.