5 tips for the ballpark 


Thinking about taking in a Major League Baseball game?

1) Start with the team's schedule. Try to pick dates where you see at least 2 games. You really don't get the whole experience if you just see one. A day game is a totally different experience from a night game.

2) While you're at the team's website, find their link for recommended hotels in the neighbourhood. Then follow up with the hotel's own website. You'll often find package prices and special deals that partner with the ball club. 

3) Take your baseball glove to the game. And put your phone down. Pay attention and enjoy the experience. You never know when a fly ball is coming your way. It's a huge adrenaline rush when a ball is launched in your direction. 

4) Two games? Sit in two entirely different sections. I haven't found a ballpark with any terrible views. The bleacher seats in the home run section can be just as much fun at sitting in the club seats. (If you sit along the first baseline in the upper decks in Denver you have the best view of a Colorado sunset over the Rocky Mountains.) 

5) Go early. The home team typically takes batting practice privately, before the public is welcomed into the park. BUT, the visitor’s team takes the field at the same time the doors open. Everyone, but especially kids, can stand at the fence and hope to catch one of dozens of balls coming that way.