A Beginner’s Guide to Sports Betting in Canada


Canada is amongst the front-runners when it comes to countries that have legalized gambling. Thus, locals enjoy casino and sports games and get to earn a nifty profit from them as well. However, Canada has also been careful in doing this the right way. By forming strict laws, they have made sure always to keep the interest of the players in mind. Therefore, for anyone wanting to start sports gambling in Canada, they can go ahead with it in a relaxed manner.

One reason why Canada is a favourable nation for sports betting is its investment in a variety of international sports. Whether it is the Olympics, ice hockey, or basketball, Canadians are passionate about watching their teams win. That is why the top betting sites carry odds of the most popular sports in Canada and regularly feature local as well as more prominent tournaments in their playbook. However, for a beginner, there are a few pointers to keep in mind before they can dream about waking home with pockets full of cash.

Pick a Bookie

The very first step on your betting journey, you must spend a reasonable amount of time comparing and choosing the right bookmaker. They must not only offer you excellent bonuses, but also have a mobile presence, and cover multiple sports, both nationally and internationally. Reading online reviews and going through the small print before signing up with any place is of uttermost importance that can lead to an enjoyable betting experience later.

Plan your Bets

When entering the sports betting world, it is always advisable to have your options open. You might know about one sport more than the other, but that does not mean you cannot bet on all of them. A smart move to make is to bet within your budget but spread your wagers throughout the year. This can be on a different team, competitions, and sports. As a result of this, you continue to earn over months, and also make profits from some of the more popular and bet-worthy sports such as football, soccer, ice hockey, cricket, baseball, and basketball.

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Check the Odds

Contrary to popular belief, sports betting is not about luck. It might be a small part in it, but a lot of statistics and information play a much more significant role in who will eventually win. Professional bettors often spend hours analysing the teams and players they will set wagers on. For beginners who might not know all the tricks, reading predictions can be of massive benefit. Most leading bookies release odds well in advance of the competition and carry notes from professionals that can guide you to the best bets possible. Take the Calgary flames for instance, where a detailed report of their upcoming odds include information on how they are performing, what the different bookies make of them, and which odds will be the best according to the pundits.

Enjoy the Game

Sports brings people together. It is a passionate activity that is both thrilling, high on emotional value, and thoroughly entertaining. So, it only makes sense that when you are betting on it, you also enjoy it. While making money from watching hockey, basketball or football is great; it’s even better when you have people around you to cheer for every goal or basket along with you.

Play Safe

An essential aspect of gambling is to know when to stop. When entering the sports betting market, you should designate a fixed budget for it. More importantly, stick to it. Furthermore, when you do make a profit, it is wise to take some of those winnings and put them into your savings, while you take the rest and re-invest it in your sports betting ventures.