A Dog’s Purpose Movie Features Brandon’s Tyler Woods


Without question, my two dogs, Pepsi and Curlin, are a huge part of my life.  These two dogs have changed me more than any one thing in my entire life, so in saying that I am a huge dog lover.

Recently the movie has come under fire due to the abuse of a stunt dog named Hercules, a German Shepherd.  The handler was trying to get the dog go into the water in a scene in Winnipeg, and when you watch the clip it is obvious the dog is under severe stress and wants no part of being in the water. Then you see the dog basically being forced under the water.  This, of course, has raised lots of questions, and concerns, from the local dog community and as well PETA.  BDNMB did reach out to the Manitoba Film but they did wish to provide any comment.

Same can be said for Brandon’s Tyler Wood.  Tyler, who has been featured in Molson Beer ads plus " For the Moment". Recently he was given the opportunity to be part of the upcoming movie A Dog’s Purpose, featuring Dennis Quaid.

“I was hanging out in Winnipeg, with Ryan White of the Arizona Coyotes and Dylan Kellington, and all of the sudden my phone started to blow up after this video was released”  BDNMB asked Woods if he witnessed anything disturbing while the movie was being filmed in Winnipeg, Brandon, and Virden. “No, not at all the scenes in Brandon were dog scenes… and the carnival scene was in Virden and the dogs were always treated very well”.  We asked Tyler his personal opinion of this scene “it was horrible I watched it once and never want to see it again”.  Most of the actors – directors and producers are now echoing Tyler’s thoughts and comments.  Woods did tell BDNMB that the stunt dogs do not work long days on set, as each dog in the movie has two backups in case a dog gets tired or hurt.

PETA Response talks about the stunt dog Hercules.


Story from The Guardian, in England.