ACC sees more than 50 per cent growth in grad numbers over five years


BRANDON, Man. (June 14, 2018)— Today, more than 1,300 students will graduate from Assiniboine Community College, putting the college’s total increase of graduates at more than 50 per cent since 2013. The college saw an eight per cent increase in the number of grads over this past year alone at the annual Brandon ceremony.


“With graduate numbers continuing to grow every year, we are well on the way to doubling the number of graduates by 2025,” said Assiniboine president Mark Frison. “Assiniboine is playing a vital role in providing the skilled workforce we need to develop our economy in a sustainable way.”

Doubling the number of graduates was set as a strategic goal by the college’s board in 2013, when the total number of annual graduates was 954. This year, that number is an expected 1,440 – an increase of nearly 51 per cent.

In addition to today’s graduation, which is the largest annual ceremony, the college hosted its Parkland campus graduation last week with more than 100 graduating. The Adult Collegiate graduation is scheduled for next week with a further 27 expected graduates.

“This day is a rite of passage for every student involved and their families. For the past one or two years, these students have had the opportunity to ‘learn by doing.’ Now, they will join the workforce and apply what they’ve learned to solve real-life problems,” said Frison.

Kristynn Moore and Courtney Matienzo are co-presenting the valedictory speech. They are both graduating from Business Administration.

Moore said Assiniboine Community College “is like one big family. The teachers actually care about you and your success. As a single mom, I loved being able to ask my teachers for extra advice and always got valuable feedback.”

Matienzo said her key message is inclusivity. “We want our fellow-graduates and the community to understand that Assiniboine Community College is a school where everyone is welcome. No matter what age you are, or what program you’re in, everyone is included.”

Each year, the Province of Manitoba awards two graduating students with Lieutenant-Governor’s Silver Medals. These graduates have excelled academically, displayed strength of character and contributed to the college and community in a meaningful way.

This year’s medal recipients are Business Administration graduate Mila Milošević and Land & Water Management graduate Kiera Senkbeil.

The college is presenting Ron Helwer with an honorary diploma in Agribusiness at the graduation ceremony. Mr. Helwer is the president of Shur-Gro Farm Services, Munro Farm Supplies and South East Seeds. A previous media release about Mr. Helwer is available on the college website.

The ceremony begins at 2 p.m. today at the Keystone Centre in Brandon.