Air Canada Launches Crowdfunding Vacation Site


Air Canada has rocketed into the social scene today by launching their own crowdfunding vacation site "Embarq."

You can find it at

In a nutshell, whether you are a stressed out mom in need of a spa vacation, or you are a recent graduate looking for family to sponsor your gap year adventure, you can use their crowd funding site to have others pay for your vacation.

Crowdfunding got its start and has primarily been used as a charitable fundraising option. However, there aren't restrictions placed on its uses. A small percentage is paid to the website as an administrative charge, but people have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars this way for individual causes.

This begs the question…. is a vacation a luxury item or should you expect others to help you pay for it? Is crowdfunding a good idea for personal travel?

Love to hear your thoughts on this topic. It's a hot one!