Air Miles now has Brandon to Toronto flights on-line


Great news! Air Miles now has the Brandon to Toronto flights on-line and in their system. This means that you can now book a (nearly) free and completely convenient flight from home, to the big city of Toronto. 

A flight this summer, from YBR to YYZ will cost 2000 Air Miles, plus the taxes, which will be about $100. If the flights continue through to the fall, the Air Miles needed will be reduced to 1600 per flight in the off season. 

Air Miles Brandon Mb to Toronto ON

Beyond the Blue Jays baseball team, the CN Tower and Ripley's Aquarium, you will find great shopping, world renowned restaurants and epic nightlife in Toronto. To do a little research and think about the possibilities. You can start your research here.

If you don't have Air Miles, and already shop at Sobeys or Safeway, you are missing out. All you need to do is go to and sign up. And if you are indeed a collector, but lament that it takes too long to get anywhere, you just need to tune into some of their bonus offers. I'll give you one tip, shop for your groceries on the first Tuesday of each month and you will receive 20x the regular points. They call it customer appreciation day at both Safeway and Sobeys. 

The next customer appreciation day is Tuesday, May 3rd.