All revved up for Food Truck Warz


Food Truck Warz will be showcasing 15 superstars of the streets bringing their one of a kind food creations to Brandon for two days in mid-September. Over the past few weeks we have introduced our readers to several of the food trucks heading to Brandon and today we are pleased to announce two additional trucks setting up shop September 16th & 17th inside the Victoria Inn parking lot.

Tot Wheels

Tot Wheels is a Winnipeg based food truck serving homemade cheese stuffed gourmet tater tots with a rotating menu of toppings including kalbi and kimchi, local vegetables, and slow braised meats.  Each Tot creation is named after a car, a clever play on the Hot Wheels themed truck.  By using homemade tater tots made to order, instead of the conventional frozen tots,  their tots have best been described as having a good crunch with a nice, somewhat chewy texture throughout.  Oh, by the way they also make a great burger.

6 oz patty topped with grilled chorizo, pineapple salsa & spicy mayo on a brioche bun
The Montego…jerk chicken, mango salsa, pineapple curry, aioli
The Gremlin…sunny side egg, crispy bacon, farmer sausage, frilled onions and a garlic aioli.

Walleye Wagon

The Walleye Wagon is owned and operated by a commercial fisherman out of Riverton, MB. This truck serves up fresh fried fish, hand cut fries, fish tacos and fish burgers. The fish is panko breaded pickerel fillets, while the potatoes are Manitoba grown. The panko breading leaves the fish with a very crisp and thin coating so no need to worry about filling up on heavy breading often found in some deep fried fish. Each order of the 1, or 2, piece fish-n-chips is served with a side of coleslaw, a lemon wedge, and a tartar sauce for dipping. If you’re a fan of fish-n-chips you will want to give this truck a try.