Amazing Christmas Light Show


If you’re looking for the best Christmas Light display in Brandon then you owe it to yourself to check out the impressive light and sound show at 239 Princess Ave E. Homeowner, Jason Cross and family, are responsible for this iconic light show, which features 1,776 lights synchronized to some rocking Christmas tunes coming through your very own car radio (104.1 FM). Most of the lights are individually controllable, meaning they have 5,161 channels of lighting to play with. This is the fifth year the Cross family have done a display and they have built it up slowly, over the years, usually adding only one or two new elements per year.

This is their first year doing “singing elements” where they have characters (singing light-bulbs) that actually mouth the words to the songs that are playing. He estimates that when you watch one of his four minute songs that it has likely taken at least 40 hours of sequencing (programming) to make it all work. They use specialized software, and program the entire show, one bulb at a time to do whatever they want. Currently they have 2 songs in the show… but are hoping to finish a third one before Christmas.

Jason tells BDNMB.CA that he got interested in completing a project like this after “a friend shared a post on Facebook about 6 years ago with the singing pumpkin faces from the states. I saw that and thought it was something I could do, so I spent months researching and making friends on internet forums”. This year alone he figures spending 10 hours per singing light-bulb to cut, drill, push 230 little bulbs through the holes, wire and test. With his experience in tackling these types of projects Jason is now part of a fast growing community of enthusiasts, and hobbiests, that share their knowledge and skills to help people all over the world get into the Christmas lighting spirit.

Although they do not have a donation collection box the family does something receive the odd donation in Christmas cards from visitors and all donation received go to Muscular Dystrophy. The Cross’ son, Cayden, is turning four and both Cayden, and his mother, suffer from Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy so it is close to their hearts.

Show Times:

Sunday-Thursday: 5pm until 10pm
Friday-Saturday: 5pm until 11pm

Show Dates:

Dec 2 2016 through Jan 6 2017


12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser
Disco Santa by the Village People

Tune your radio to 104.1FM to listen.