Assiniboine celebrates longtime support from Bob Mazer,opens campus space named for Mazergroup

Photo: ACC

Assiniboine Community College has named a student space in the Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology at the college’s North Hill campus, “Mazergroup Main Street”, to honour a $500,000 donation and longtime support from a Westman-born agricultural staple, Bob Mazer.

Mazer has been a long-time supporter of trades programming at the college, providing an entrance award each year to students in the Agriculture Equipment Technician and Heavy Duty Technician programs and regularly loaning equipment to these programs for hands-on learning opportunities.

In fall 2021, the college announced that Mazergroup was expanding their support with a $500,000 donation to Assiniboine’s ongoing campaign for the Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture.

“This announcement is just another step in a very long, close relationship between Mazergroup and Assiniboine. All of us at Mazergroup believe very emphatically that Assiniboine helps Manitobans create better lives for themselves and their families through all kinds of training, but specifically, within the ag sector,” said Bob Mazer, President and CEO of Mazergroup. “The Prairie Innovation Centre will greatly enhance the relationship between our industry and the students that will and are creating our future trained work force. Mazergroup is very proud to be part of this next step in the evolution of such a great institution.”

The new Mazergroup Main Street space is part of a common area that fosters connection for students, where they can meet, relax, and converse in their free time.

Mazer is a past chair of the college’s Board of Governors and recipient of an honorary diploma.

“Mazergroup and Bob himself, for years, have been champions of what we’re working to accomplish here at the college. Now, our college has a critical role to play in ensuring there are people trained and ready to step into careers in the agriculture sector, and again, Bob has stepped in to support,” said Mark Frison, President at Assiniboine. “It is our pleasure to be able to recognize their generous contributions, and the value they bring to the future of the agriculture industry and college in an area that reflects where their support began.”

The Prairie Innovation Centre, which aims to expand seats in agriculture-related programming from 300 to more than 800, will be located at Assiniboine’s North Hill campus in Brandon.