BDNMB.CA Smashes Single Day Traffic Statistics


December 27, 2016 was an extremely busy day for us here at, as we played host to an astonishing 39,153 unique viewers during the 24-hour period. Many came to view the series of pictures, of the most recent winter storm, that our readers had submitted. Since it was first posted live at 10:00 pm on the 26th the page has generated an impressive 56,164 views. At one point in the day 1908 unique visitors were accessing the web site at the exact same moment. Viewers came from all around the world to check out the impressive array of photos, as evidenced by the image below.  The most viewed story previously on had been Crows General Store, A Hidden Gem which has attracted just a shade under 25,000 views to date.

Thank-you to everyone for submitting their storm photos and for linking to our story.