Bodies of four missing canoeists recovered from Burntwood River, north of Thompson

The Burntwood River causeway . Photo: RCMP

Police in Thompson are reporting the deaths of 4-canoers who were out paddling on the Burntwood River, North of the City of Thompson, on Monday the 22nd. Police were initially alerted of the group who were overdue. Two rescue boats and a helicopter soon joined the search, as did several people boating in the area. Eventually the canoe was located overturned in the river, and all four canoers were found deceased in the water.

“This is the worst result imaginable. Thank you to everyone involved in the search. This is a devastating accident that has left the community of Thompson in mourning,” said Sergeant Ben Sewell of the Thompson RCMP.

All 4 male victims (aged 6, 14, 33, and 44) were from Thompson, and all were reported as wearing flotation devices.  The deceased have now been identified as a pair of father and sons in Conor Sykes and his six-year-old son Liam, along with Shane Cripps and his 14-year-old son, Dylan.