Bottineau Winter Park A Family Friendly Winter Ski Area

The cold took care of the crowds, so all the kids had to worry about was staying warm and having fun.

Bottineau Winter Park is just 150 kms south of Brandon, and only about 7 miles over the US/Canadian Border. My kids jumped at the chance to try a new destination even though they are regular customers and big fans of both Minnedosa and Assessippi ski areas.

We were lured to Bottineau by their school break deal for Canadians. They are offering ski and snowboard passes and rentals, from January 2nd to 6th, for Canadian cash (no debit cards/credit cards.) In total, we paid $100 Canadian for 1 adult, 1 youth and 1 child's pass, plus one set of rentals. (Food and drinks are not available for Canadian at par) for the full day.

The facilities themselves are fantastic. Lots of parking, a modern lodge, great equipment and well groomed runs. In addition to skiing and snowboarding they also offer tubing. Tube rentals are hourly. There is a magic carpet type lift that will pull you back up to the lodge area and it also serves the bunny hill. There are typical chair lifts and tow bars in the other areas. Plus, there is a designated terrain area for snowboarders. It has two rails, beginner to advanced jumps and was lots of fun.

The ski hill itself is suitable for beginners, children and nervous skiers. In other words, perfect for prairie people. Kids raised in the Alberta mountains would not be challenged or satisfied with the short runs and limited elevation.

My teen son, Riley, particularly liked the tree lined run that was in between the two main runs by the chair lift. The grader doesn't go down that stretch which left him with great powder and loose snow to blow through on a snowboard. He reports that the runs to the right of the chairlift are more advanced and offer a steeper decline and more of a challenge.

The staff were really good and were especially helpful to our youngest son. Staff were interested and engaged, offering tips and asking about him and the equipment throughout the day.

Riley was disappointed that his GoPro failed in the frigid temperatures. Otherwise we'd have video to share.

Overall, he gives Bottineau Winter Park 4.5 out of 5 stars and would definitely recommend it and go back at that price.

You can visit their website for more photos and details.