Brandon Avenue Electric changes ownership


The theory in business is that if you can make it 2 to 3 years financially you should be OK. After a successful run of over 30 years, Brandon Avenue Electric owner Vern Snyder has sold his business and will retire in one year. Paul Johnston has purchased the company which includes the assets, contracts, clientele, and the trust & goodwill within the community. The business will continue to operate in the current building however they could make plans for a new location soon.

A few months ago asked his son Joel if he would take on the family business and he said his passion wasn’t power. According to Vern, growing up as a kid that wasn’t Joel’s thing…”he tried it out it wasn’t his thing so I didn’t push him”.

When asked what advice he could give a young person in regards to stating their own business Vern said “It’s a lot harder than you think…it depends on the person and lots of times when you pay your gas and insurance and supplier in advance and then you wait for money from jobs and customers and you don’t get paid. Lots of evenings and weekends and for sure isn’t as glamorous as it could appear”.

Vern, who is known to golf frequently at Deer Ridge and at The Tamarack, plans on slowly adding to an expanded golf schedule in his last year of work as he transitions into retirement.