Brandon Boxing Club To Open Soon


Noel Harding was about to enter a boxing ring in Mexico to be in one of the biggest fights in his life. Meanwhile back at home everything he has fought for over the two decades was burning to the ground. “As I was walking into the ring I found out the fire was happening and I knew best case scenario the building would be condemned but didn’t expect to lose everything” said Harding.

After several months, fundraising efforts from Jayson McCallum and Smoked and Sauced, a GOFUNDME page, Brandon Bobcats, and Career Connections/Food Truck Warz helped give Noel and his members money they could use to help re-open.   Noel did approach the City of Brandon with not a handout but rather an exchange.   “What I wanted was to give free training to people under the age of 29 in exchange to assist with operating costs but the City declined my proposal.”

( Noel Harding looking at the damage from the fires in Downtown Brandon in May 2018 )

The former Compusmart and Best Sleep Centre are scheduled to open November 1st as the Brandon Boxing Club. Harding is very confident that the doors will be open and will be selling monthly memberships for $80.00 per month.

Currently they will be using 4,000 square feet but have plans for bigger events. “We will be hosting our own events in the club and bringing people from out of the city and people from North Dakota…this will drive tourism to Brandon and as well to downtown”.   Harding says boxing is tough enough to operate and I have to be a smart businessman and be innovative.

The toughest day of his life is now turning a corner with this new facility and a new outlook.

We at BDNMB.CA wish Noel and his staff all the best of luck.