Brandon hospital lab techs hosting information picket today


Members of Westman Lab – Local 351 plan to send a message today to the Pallister government, in the form of an information picket, saying that lower wages and the loss of experienced lab technologists could compromise diagnostic services in Westman. A release on their web site indicates that technologists are paid 7% less in Western Manitoba than they are paid in other areas of the Province. The report goes on to say that they are also losing experienced staff as lab technicians can go elsewhere in the province, and make more money. MGEU president Michelle Gawronsky said in the release “Last year alone, we’re looking at more than a 20% turn-over rate. It’s a situation that’s unfair to those doing the exact same job for less, and to those in the area whose diagnostic services end up taking the hit.”

“This inequity is unfair and unproductive,” Gawronsky said. “With the election and all the changes, our members have been patient, but they’ve had enough. The employer cancelled our last bargaining date. With staff shortages, people are burning out from unmanageable workloads and worried about service implications for their community.”

The information picket is scheduled to take place outside the Brandon Regional Health Centre today from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. People are invited to come down and show their support.

Photo from today’s information picket outside the Brandon Regional Health Centre.