Brandon Police Service begin high visibility check stops, targeted saturated patrols


It’s that time of year again, Brandon Police Service in Partnership with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and LGCA of Manitoba will conducting Operation Festive Spirits this Holiday Season. For the month of December, Brandon Police Service will be taking a pro-active enforcement and educational approach through a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) aimed to reduce impaired driving in the City of Brandon, increase awareness of the cost of impaired driving and ultimately show Manitoba motoring public that finding a safe way home this festive season is the only option.

High visibility Check Stops and targeted saturated patrols will be set out across the city in an effort to detect, deter and enforce traffic laws in relation to alcohol related offences including impaired and aggressive driving. In addition through media releases, we will attempt to educate the public on the cost and end result of impaired driving and its related offences.

The message that the Brandon Police Service is sending to the motoring public is a simple one: If you choose to drink or do drugs, do the right thing and select or choose a designated driver. Please celebrate the Christmas season, but do it responsibly and Don’t Drink and Drive.