TOP 5 Most Bizarre Property Management Stories


Running any type of business often comes with frustrations and challenges, but there are also many rewards. Being in the property management business is no different. We sometimes have situations that leave us baffled, confused and even in fits of laughter.

Sometimes these unique situations involve our employees and at other times our tenants. Either way, our team members usually learn a valuable lesson or at the very least share a few good laughs. We’ve had some pretty crazy things happen over the years, but the following stories probably top out as the most bizarre things that we’ve experienced over the last seven years.

1.    One time, a tenant had their power cut off for non-payment of their hydro bill. They were somewhat creative though in that they ran an extension cord out their window and to the eavestrough. They then plugged their cord into the power source where the heat tape goes. After that, they ran cords under their door to the hallway to use the plug to provide power to the unit. These crafty measures allowed them to run a space heater, a microwave oven and their TV…until they received an eviction notice for not staying current with Manitoba Hydro.

2.    Sometimes tenants and their guests are fairly innovative when parking is tight. We’ve seen people park on the lawn or even back their moving trailers right into flower beds!

3.    Vionell Holdings has a number of properties that we look after and quite often it takes a bit of time to get new staff up to speed on where each of the properties is located. One time, a newly hired maintenance team member picked up a work order for a suite which was vacant. The job involved removing the baseboards, patching holes and painting the unit. Unfortunately, he went to the wrong property. When the tenant came home, they found that their unit was in the middle of a renovation!   This error was led to some changes in improving the orientation of our new team members to get more familiar with the properties.

4.    We manage a group of apartments that have locks on the doors that exit out to the balconies. One tenant was barbecuing on their balcony and managed to lock themselves out. They were living on the third floor so they couldn’t just jump the railing to get back in. However, before long they saw someone from their building and asked them to go let them in, but when the person got up the stairs they discovered that the unit door was also locked. The neighbour was kind enough to call the office and fortunately we were able to unlock the door and allow the tenant to finish making their supper, hopefully, it wasn’t too overcooked!

5.    A few years back, our company hired students to mow the lawn at various properties. I recruited a young man that I knew was a hard worker to run the crew, he in turn, recruited a couple of his friends to round out the team. I didn’t know his friends, but they seemed like they would work out ok. My first encounter, however with one of the lads wasn’t quite as positive as I had thought it would be. As I was driving by one of the properties where they were supposed to be cutting the grass; I spotted him lying on his back on the grass, completely engrossed in his cell phone. Thankfully, this was just a small blemish on his five-year summer job run with VHP.

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