Brandon Resident WINS 26,000 dollars betting on Donald Trump

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When Brett Boschman heard Donald Trump was entering the race to become the next US president, he was surprised. “I didn’t know what to think at first,” he explained. “He’s a reality TV star, so I thought it was wild he was running.”

Some friends heard what Trump was saying during the Republican nomination campaign, and Brett started to see how Trump might win.

The Brandon resident Googled the odds of winning the Presidential election, and found out was accepting bets on the race. “I thought it was super cool this was offered in Manitoba,” he explained.

Brett wagered on Trump to win with odds of 7.50 to 1 on April 7, 2016, and after more research Brett put more down on Trump later in the week.

As Trump won the Republican nomination and the race intensified, Brett was watching the action closely. “Betting makes it more fun. I would rather watch a sporting event or any event that way. It makes you a lot more invested,” he explained. 

The night of the election, Brett was watching TV with friends. “They all knew I bet on Trump. I was cheering for Florida and when he took that, that’s when I was certain I had won.

“The odds were still 5.5 to 1, and I decided to put a bit more down.” Brett explained with a grin.

He was lucky he did! In all, Brett walked away with $25,858 in winnings after the election closed.