Brandon University will implement vaccine policy in the coming year


Most students, faculty and staff at Brandon University are expected to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 as part of the University’s safe transition back to in-person instruction over the 2021–22 academic year.

The University will not require vaccines before the start of Fall Term, which is just three weeks away, but vaccination as soon as possible is strongly encouraged. Through the coming year, the University will move towards being a campus that is as fully-vaccinated as possible.

Exact dates and other logistical issues, including potential accommodations for those who cannot be vaccinated, as well as ways to meet the unique needs of International students, of those in Residence, and of others, will be worked out in the coming weeks. Details will be communicated to the BU community as soon as possible.

Among many other issues, the University will be exploring different possible answers to questions like:

  • When is the most appropriate deadline to begin requiring a vaccine?
  • Can people opt for regular testing if they prefer not to get a vaccine?
  • How will vaccination and/or test results be provided to the University in a way that best meets individual privacy concerns?
  • How will the University accommodate those who are unable to get their vaccines yet, for example International students who arrive after the mandate begins?
  • Will all areas have the same requirements, or will some high-risk activities have stricter requirements?
  • What requirements are appropriate for campus visitors, contract workers, and similar groups on campus?

The University will continue to consult with employee groups like BUFA, MGEU, IUOE and PSAC, student groups, including the students’ union, and public health officials as detailed answers to these questions are developed.

The Fall Term at BU will begin as planned, with masks required, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, and in-person classes that are generally limited to 25 or fewer students. These measures are significantly stricter than current public health orders require.

Vaccination is safe, easy, and effective. Universal vaccination, which protects both you and the people around you, is the fastest way for everyone to reach a post-pandemic life that is as normal as possible.

Brandon University is also offering major prizes for those who get fully vaccinated this summer through the Winning Shot initiative. More than 1,100 members of the BU community have already registered as fully vaccinated. Details are online at

To further encourage vaccination, Brandon University is partnering with public health to host a campus vaccination clinic during the first week of Fall Term classes. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be available at Harvest Hall Sept. 7–9. The University is exploring additional ways to support everyone through the vaccination process and hopes to offer additional clinic dates in subsequent weeks.

(Brandon University News Release)