Brandons Big One


From a room full of tables in 1989 to over 200 artisan booths, the much anticipated 27th Annual Brandon’s “Big One” is scheduled for October 15th and 16th, 2016.

Held annually at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba, an amazing array of talented artists and craftspeople exhibit and demonstrate their work as part of Brandon’s “Big One” Arts & Crafts Sale.

Brandon’s “Big One” has come a long way over the years. “When I took over the sale at year 8, it was a room full of tables”. “I was a vendor in the sale for a few years, so I was aware of the growth potential”, says Keilback.


The first change she made was to bring in trade show curtains and booths.The idea was to give each of the vendors the opportunity to be creative with their displays and sales areas. It worked, the creativity just kept coming! The sale has now overflown into a second large room at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba.

With almost 200 booths, they try to accommodate all types of customers by presenting many different mediums of art and craft at the two day sale. With a loyal following of customers who demand a quality show of original work, it is a continuous process, searching out original works to provide variety. Everything is handmade, so you probably won’t find the exact same items again next year.

Keilback says, “Something I’ve learned over the years: if you find something at a booth that you like, you should buy it. It may be gone when you go back!”


The “Big One” also has a big heart! Over the last eighteen years, from part proceeds from the door admission, they have donated $59,826.20 to the Canadian Cancer Society – Transportation Services in Brandon and area. “We have been very fortunate to have UCT members volunteer at the admission doors”. “One of the charities that they (UCT) support annually is the Cancer Society, so that is where our donation goes each year”, says Keilback.

The future of Brandon’s “Big One” is exciting. They hope to continue to draw large crowds and will continue to work on keeping the show filled with variety.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Happy Crafting!

Brandons Big One Art & Craft Sale inside the Keystone Centre