Brandon’s Hunter completes grueling Sinister 7 race in Crowsnest Pass, AB


Brandon’s Reid Hunter recently completed the grueling Sinister 7 Ultrarace held in Crowsnest Pass, AB. The race is described as being held in “the most rugged, remote and beautiful terrain in Alberta’s stunning Rocky Mountains”. Solo participants have the option of competing in the the 100-mile, the 50-miler, and the 50km. Hunter finished the 50km race in a time of 8:19:38.2, good enough for 21st place in the solo male division. This year was his first time participating in this race but not his first ultramarathon.

“Overall I was happy with my performance. I definitely could of pushed myself harder but it was my first race in the mountains and I was pleased to finish the race injury-free” Hunter told

Leading up to the event, injuries prevented him from running as much as he would have liked to. “Prior to the race I’d only ran about 240km so far this year which isn’t much. I was able to get in a few longer runs which helped prepare my body” he added.

There were other Brandonites who ran the race as well. Reid, Josh Kobelka, Dale Penner, Ty Dornn and Jalyn Elmes went out as a group and did some training here in Brandon together before the race. Josh did the 50 mile race while Hunter, Ty, Dale and Jalyn did the 50km race. It should be noted that it was Kobelka who actually got Hunter into trail running a few years ago. This year Kobelka asked Hunter if he wanted to do this race with him and it looked pretty cool so he registered.

Having now completed the 50km race, Hunter is next time looking to conquer the 50 mile. “I would definitely do it again. “It was a well organized race and being there with friends makes it even more enjoyable”.