BU will consider three proposals for downtown development

Photo Credit: Brandon University--The new parcel of downtown properties is very close to the existing 18th Street campus

The Brandon University Board of Governors has established an advisory group that will help it consider three detailed proposals for a possible BU development in downtown Brandon.

After receiving a pre-development report on the 70,000 square foot parcel last year, the Board of Governors began exploring options with private developers, and invited submissions this winter. Three proposals have now been received.

Proposals have been received from Sneath Group, from VBJ Developments, and from Wheat City Revitalization Partners.

Due to a conflict of interest with his employer, BU Board of Governors member Derrick Stewart has taken an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Board Chair. In the meantime, Board Vice Chair Shawn Chambers will assume the duties of chair, including the role of chair of the Downtown Development Advisory Group (DDAG).

The DDAG, which includes other members of the BU Board of Governors as well as community members, will fully consider all three proposals. The DDAG is currently being oriented to the process and is expected to make a recommendation to the Board in the coming months.