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Heads up. This is gross.

Albeit fascinating.
I don't like bugs actually. Well maybe ladybugs and dragonflies. Until I saw one under a macro lens, which makes you wonder why I'd have a few hundred pictures of them. And even more peculiar, why I'd order a macro lens kit for my iPhone, specifically for getting a better look at their beady little eyes and a bazillion legs and other weird parts.

And most shocking of all?
So much hair.
And their faces.
I've seen more smiling bugs in the last 2 years than I don't know what. As if there's a comparison for that.
Back to the hair. That's what pushes the fear factor over the edge for me.
Only 2nd to their rapid and unpredictable movement.
You have to hold really still, and get REALLY close to take a picture of a bug, using a macro lens.
This has led to some inevitable mishaps, with a bit of screaming, and probably some surprised bugs.
I do like the colors though. Especially when the bug is resting on something with complimentary colors.
So if you ever wondered what a beetles feet looked like, or a caterpillars smile, wonder no more.

Yours truly, Caley