Car tricks and weirdo’s


Bought myself some cat eye sunglasses from Dollarama. They look ridiculous… awesome. 

Drivers side car door is stuck closed now. It was stuck "open" but I fixed it. 
Real good. 

Likely because I had all that energy from all those mini chocolate bars I also bought at Dollarama. 

Picked the kids up from school and had to crawl out the passenger side. 

All lady-like  (read as: not lady like at all) and when we all got back in the car, I sat in the passenger side and put my cat eye sunglasses back on, and my old sunglasses on top of those…..and turned around to explain to the wide eyed little ones that I was going to have to drive from the passenger side, which is why I had 2 pairs of glasses on.  Because I'd need more eyes to drive like that. And since I'd never done it before I couldn't say for sure how it would turn out, so they better hang on. They didn't believe me until I started the car. Then they looked worried.  And the bigger one told me I was the weirdest Mom ever. 

And he likes it. 

And oddly enough, the one that only 25 minutes ago said I was weird, is now dressed up like this. 

The end.