Cleveland Indians vs the Toronto Blue Jays


Can you believe that the American League pennant race has come down to the Cleveland Indians vs the Toronto Blue Jays? Major League Baseball sure heats up in October, that's for sure!

I can tell you, first hand, the differences between September baseball and October baseball are pretty astounding.

On September 17th, 2016 I sat in section 181 of Progressive Field, in Cleveland to watch a game between the Indians and the Tigers. I paid $9 for that ticket.

Fast forward to the second round of the MLB playoffs, and that very same single seat is now advertised for sale at $220. So, my pair of tickets, with agency fees and currency exchange cost me roughly $30. Now, if I were to buy tickets to this next game it would literally cost a mortgage payment!

I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. It's right across the street from Progressive Field. Literally, it's so close you could forget your baseball glove, run back to the hotel and return in 5 minutes or less. I paid $103 per night. Of course, it's sold out already for this weekend's games, but I can bet you're not paying $103 either.

Lastly, the souvenirs. I picked up a couple of game used balls, league coded and authenticated, for $25. It was a 2 for 1 deal. End of season blow out! Some of the game used bats were going for $50 a piece.

I enjoyed the game. Great park. Great hotel. Great atmosphere. If you decide that this is the hottest game in town, and you HAVE to go, I'll give you a couple tips.

1) Wear good shoes for the airport. The connecting gate is at the furthest end of the airport in a long annex-style hallway. Gate 90 in Toronto, was pretty much in Burlington.

2) When you arrive in Cleveland, go downstairs at the airport and buy a ticket on the Red Line train. It's $2.75 per one way. (You need the ticket from the machine dispenser) The train is literally at the airport. It's so easy. It will take you 20-30 minutes and you will get off at the main terminal at Tower City. You are now a mere 5 minute walk to the stadium. $50 if you take a cab.

3) If you want a hotel at Tower City (train station) you can stay at The Ritz Carlton or the Renaissance. Expect to pay $400 a night or so, but, extremely convenient.

4) Eat out before or after the game. The on-site concession lines were long and the food was very basic and "factory" food. Progressive Field did not have the variety or gourmet options like I found at Roger's (Blue Jays) or Chase Field (Diamondbacks).


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