Community Connection: 20 Questions with Alexandra Trotter


Alexandra Trotter is the Marketing and Communications Manager with the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba. She has previously worked for Sysco Food Services – Marketing Associate, Browns Socialhouse –GM, and Sand Hills Casino – Marketing Manager. Alexandra is also a WSET level 3 certified wine instructor.

Favourite radio station:  Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM – but mostly I listen to murder/true crime podcasts like “Wine and Crime” or “Casefile”

Guilty pleasure TV program: If the question was favourite TV show it would hands down be Law & Order SVU. Butttt guilty pleasures right now are Rupaul’s Drag Race and Family Guy.

Least favourite part about quarantine: Online shopping deliveries take longer.

Best part about quarantine: Staying at home and drinking wine with our pups! Zeppelin and Led 🥰

Biggest regret in life: Not starting to learn about wine sooner!

How has Trudeau handled the COVID 19 Virus: Sorry, who?

Are you a foodie: Big time!

Weirdest thing you have eaten: Fancy restaurants serve some weird Pâtés. I usually don’t even ask what’s in them or I wouldn’t be able to try them.

Cat or dog person and why: Dog! But I love all animals 🥰

How/where did you meet your husband Jordan: Brandon is a pretty small city so we had met in passing a few times. But it was on Nov. 10th 2015 that sparks started to fly! We were out with a group of people and he and I got talking and really hit it off and have been inseparable ever since!

Would you go to a Metallica concert: Yes, I am very hardcore. *See dog names as evidence of hardcoreness. Led, he’s a little Black Dog and Zeppelin, she’s a shepherd x.

Greatest reward with your current job: Learning all the things about Ag! I don’t have an Ag background so I’ve learnt soooo much working with the Provincial Ex! A fun fact for you is that my husbands Great Great Grandfather was a shareholder with the Provincial Ex! I have his share from 1907 framed in my office. His name was Alexander Trotter! So we have an “Alex Trotter” share from 113 years ago and then an “Alex Trotter” share from 2020.

Seinfeld or Prison Break, which would you watch: I watched Prison Break years ago… so I guess Seinfeld!

Would you consider Brandon a liberal or conservative city: A little of one and a lot of the other.

Business you would like to see open in Brandon: Chamois car wash! I was thinking about this yesterday.

How many slurpees do you consume a year: 0-1 probably. Maybe 2 on a crazy year.

Who would be Brandon’s top 3 most recognizable or known people: In no particular order: Darryl Wolski, James Ehnes, and probably someone in sports.

Favourite local pizza: Dominos! It’s been a staple in my husband and I’s relationship since day 1! It was even the meal we had the night he proposed! I was almost too busy stuffing my face with boneless chicken bites to notice he was down on one knee!