Community Connection: 20 Questions with Cathie Crossin


Cathie Crossin, a Travel Agent with McPhail Travel, is this weeks guest.  Many of you may also recognize Cathie from her time spent as the owner of Tastees on First Street.

Years lived in Brandon: Technically only 2. We had an acreage east of town for 18 years, but when my son reached Bantam (hockey) age the hard choice was move or play for Southwest. And if you grow up playing Wheat King hockey, you don’t suddenly switch to Cougar hockey because boundaries shift.  So we moved.

First job:  I walked into Baskin Robbins at Polo Park, with friends to get some ice cream, and saw a “Help Wanted” sign, so I volunteered to help. The manager laughed and said it didn’t work that way but gave me an application.  I started the job later that week. I was 14.

If you were trying out for Canadian Idol what would be your go to song: Would NEVER sing.  However, I have applied for The Amazing Race Canada.

Favourite destination vacation spot: Easy!! Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.

Favourite All-Time Wheat King: Goalie Andrew Hayes. He inspired my son to be a goalie and also I’m so proud to see Andrew start and succeed in his own coffee company. Andrew and his family are doing amazing things with Roasti Coffee in Edmonton. They buy coffee beans from a woman’s farm collective in Rwanda. I love it when people succeed and help others along the way. And Nolan Ritchie. Our family has grown up with Nolan through hockey. He’s a top quality player on & off the ice. Nolan has come in clutch to win big games for our teams over the years. We watched him score his first WHL goal this year & I teared up. So happy for Nolan and his family! He’ll be fun to watch as a Wheat King the next couple years.

A new business you would like to see make an appearance in Brandon: No idea. I like the creative things local people initiate.

You’ve got friends visiting Brandon for the first time, where are you taking them:  Westoba Place/Keystone Centre. There’s always an event on! And then to Benny’s for a great meal.

What do you enjoy most about living in Brandon: Royal MB Winter Fair. Such a first class amazing event!  So proud to have a Royal Fair in our city.

What is a hidden talent you have that few are aware of:  I’d be a great blackjack dealer for about 15 minutes. Then I’d lose my job telling people they suck at playing blackjack. We can’t be friends if you hit while the dealer shows a 6.

Three apps you cannot live without: Skyscanner, banking apps, music.

Toppings on a pizza: Cold tomatoes, cold prosciutto, blend of interesting cheese like in Italy.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs: Build a team. You can not do everything yourself. Start with good people, everything else can be taught.

One item you would have liked to add to Tastee’s menu but never did: Should have put the bacon cheddar poutine on the menu years earlier.

What motivates you: Travel.  And the chance to travel with my kids.

A concert you would like to see the Keystone Centre bring to town:  No idea. Whatever makes people happy.

What’s a skill they don’t teach in school that they should:  Charitable giving and its positive impact.

To be successful you need to be: Ethical, independently motivated & incredibly resilient.

Dream dinner party guests:(4): Charles de LaTour, Princess Diana, Ritchie Valens & my mom. She’d get a kick out of it. And I’d get to see her again.

Childhood celebrity crush: Brett Favre

Describe Brandon in one word: Emerging.