Community Connection: 20 Questions with Chad Wallin


Chad Wallin, of Joe Beeerz fame, answers 20 questions in our latest installment. When Chad is not at the restaurant he likely can be found somewhere in Manitoba serving up some delicious Joe Beeverz food creations from their catering Patty Wagon.

First job: A grocery store bagger and delivery driver in Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Years lived in Brandon: 14

If you were trying out for Canadian Idol what would be your go to song: Something from the Tragically Hip….. most likely “Blow at High Dough” or “Happy Hour”

What’s something you don’t know, but want to learn: How to play the drums.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you: That I am an advocate to make Popcorn a food group.

A new business you would like to see make an appearance in Brandon: Anything but another restaurant! I wish success to anyone that has the entrepreneurial spirit and takes a risk that most nay-sayers will never take deserves to be successful and supported.

You’ve got friends visiting Brandon for the first time, where are you taking them: That’s too easy…Joe Beeverz!

What do you enjoy most about living in Brandon: So cliché…. But the people. My wife and I came here not knowing anybody and over the course of time we have developed a great group of friends. I have seen the great people of this city rise up to many great occasions such as the hosting of the Memorial Cup and most recently as the Brier. I have also seen this great city rise up and band together on moments of despair such as the Flood in 2011. The people of Brandon always answer with a “yes’ to help out before they even know what the question is.

What is a hidden talent you have that few are aware of: I excel at channel surfing from my couch.

Three apps you cannot live without: I don’t use my phone to its fullest capabilities…… so I’m not really technically savvy….But my 3 most used apps would be Drop Box, Instagram & Facebook…. Mostly to do our business social media.

A film you’d watch again tonight: Toss up between Step Brothers and Old School.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs: In everything you do …… make sure you do it the right way; not the easy way.

One item you would have liked to add to Joe Beeverz menu but never did: To be determined…… I have pages and pages of ideas ready to hit the menu at some point…. This small brain never turns off.

What motivates you: My wife and kids…..I want to provide them with the best life that I possibly can.

I will never forget the day _______ walked into Joe Beeverz to have lunch/dinner: Bobby Orr

What’s a skill they don’t teach in school that they should: Basic Life Skills: how to change a tire, how to make a budget, basic cooking/laundry skills etc….. the basic skills you need to function in society.

To be successful you need to be: Resilient

Dream dinner party guests:(4): I already got to have lunch with Bobby Orr at Joe Beeverz…so that one is off my list. This is quite the eclectic group but

  • My late grandfather
  • My late grandmother
  • My best buddy Yogi
  • Mike Myers dressed as either Dr Evil or Fat Bastard

What role do you think social media plays in business today: Unfortunately too big of one. With the power of social media I believe people are losing out of experiencing things on their own and having preconceived opinions of a place of business through things they saw on social media or online reviews. This can be both good and bad, but I prefer the old school method of trying things out for myself.

Describe Brandon in one word: HOME