Community Connection: 20 Questions with Earl Cheasley


Earl has lived in Brandon for the past 16-years. He is a Level 4 umpire, softball Canada. Current job title: Supervisor, Inspections, Liquor Gaming and Cannabis Authority

Which is the most underrated fruit: Bananas, not only are they good but they can assist with hydration and muscle recovery, which can be critical for umpires wearing the gear on hot days. 

First Job: I was a fuel administrator for the Texaco/Esso gas station operated by Canadian Motors.

What movie/TV character, fictional or other, does your personality most resemble: Hmmm, tough one.   I would say I’m part Dwight Schrute from The Office,  part Chandler Bing from Friends.  I think I’m pretty serous and dedicated to work but also pretty sarcastic, and sometimes only entertain myself.  Lol 

You can only eat 3 items for the rest of your life, name themRibs, Cheeseburgers and Chicken Alfredo. 

What web site do you visit most oftenWell it used to be the Score for all my sports news and stats before this pandemic interfered with my hobby!

Favorite all-time Wheat Kingprobably have to say Jordin Tootoo here but we have been lucky to have so many great players develop in Brandon.

You get locked inside a Wal-Mart alone for 24-hours, how would you pass the timeI’m not sure I’ve been in there more than 20 minutes so I’m not sure.   I’m sure I would be opening the largest smart tv and some other electronics to pass some time!  I hope they have some sports books or magazines in that section.   Could you lock me in Canadian Tire, Princess Auto or Home Depot next time? 

What NHL player from the 80’s would thrive in today’s NHL: I am sure there are a few like Brian Lawton that would today with less physicality.  I can’t remember a lot of that type of player because I was so busy watching the Oilers dominate.  I’d love to  see the points they would put up in today’s NHL.  I will add though a player from the early 90s and say I really think Marty Murray would have a different career if he was born 20 years later. 

Your favorite YouTube ChannelI use YouTube for do-it- yourself stuff, customer product reviews, and Android tv information mostly.

Three movies everyone should have in their movie libraryonly 3 , that’s difficult but Slapshot, Moneyball and Rudy.  Honorable mentions: Shawshank Redemption, Gladiator and John Q

Who, or where, would you haunt if you were a ghostoh I think there is a pretty good group of friends I have hung out with,  been in sports drafts with,  umpired with,  that I would be around to prank,  I wouldn’t say haunt.   You know I also wouldn’t forget about my family especially the sisters and brother in laws! I could however haunt boyfriends/girlfriends of my nieces/nephew.   Just for fun, I also wouldn’t neglect a few coaches I’ve had discussions with over the years.

What celebrity Chef would you most like to make you a meal: Does Guy Fieri count?

What was the last thing you took a photo of on your cell phoneI have actually been taking more pictures than normal with my phone and finally an easy question!  I rescued a 8 week old puppy a couple weeks ago who has kept me busy with more than the camera.   She’s been a great distraction, a lab cross and her name is Lola.  Cue the music. 

If you could pick one animal to be your permanent sidekick, what animal would you chooseEasy,  as above, I love dogs, I just wish they had the life span of a turtle.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go onWell I still haven’t gone white water rafting and there is a lot of baseball stadiums and NHL arenas I would love to see.   I would like to check out MSG for sure and the rest of New York,  but not any time soon!

Water slide, ferris wheel, synthetic mini-hockey rink, or micro-brewery….what would you most like to install in your backyardwater slide or the rink.   I know a few weak goalies who could come over I could shoot on and feel good about myself! 

Dream dinner party guests (4)Mark Messier, Joe West, Nolan Ryan and Jerry Seinfeld

As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew uplike every kid that changed a few times, I knew early on I needed a back up plan to playing in the NHL.  I remember a time thinking a chef, a veterinarian, a teacher and an accountant.

What songs take you back to your teen years: lots of 80s stuffGrowing up on the farm, we had one tractor with a radio and i listened to 580 AM.  I listened to a variety of stuff, from Van Halen and Def Leopard to Phil Collins and Glass Tiger.

What sport would be funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to: Broomball, but i’m hearing good things about that legends football league,