Community Connection: 20 Questions with Geoff Gregoire


Entrepreneur Geoff Gregoire answers 20 questions in this installment of Community Connection. Geoff, along with his brother Tim, is the owner of Contractor’s Corner Design Centre. He also owns the Pelican Campground & Lounge.

Sopranos or Seinfeld:  Neither, sports center or The Profit, Billionaire Buyer

 Would people consider yourself a good athlete:  Id say I used to be

Best business decision: Contractors Corner, but Pelican Lake is becoming a close second quickly.

Worst business decision:  The unsuccessful ones 

If you had a private plane for one day and you could take 5 people on a trip, who would they be:  Grandma, Mom, Dad, Tim, Corlee

Do you recycle:  Yes, Mom & Grams would be very upset if I didn’t

What is the one food you could never give upWings or Pizza

Who works harder you or your brother:  We are a team, but outside that I’ll say me 

 Have you ever taken advice from anyone, and if so who: Grandpa Keith

 Biggest role model:  Grandpa and Grandma Blight

 Trump or Biden: Trump

 Does anything excite you:  Not Really, but if I had to pick something id say success excites me.

Weird travel habits:  I like my travels to include golf

Describe your dad in one word:  Role Model

 What will you be famous for:  Working too much, trying to run too many businesses 

 What annoys you:  People who cant think and plan ahead

 Do you live your life by any quotes:  Work Hard, Play Harder; Your only as good as your team

 Favorite Wheat King player of all time, and you can’t say Scott Glennie: Ryan Craig

 Would you go to a foreign country alone: No

 Go to meal at Joe Beeverz:  Wings