Community Connection: 20 Questions with Jared Jacobson


Jared is the President & CEO of the Jacobson & Griener Group of Companies. In addition to attending Brandon University, Bachelor of Business Administration, he is also a licensed Realtor. When not at the office, Jared enjoys managing and coaching minor hockey, traveling and golfing.

Your dream golfing foursome includes yourself and these 3 people:
Jaxon                     (VBJ 4)
Jared                     (VBJ 3)
Jack                        (VBJ JR)
Grandpa Jake          (VBJ)

We never got to do that as my Grandpa passed away a while ago prior to Jaxon being born, but it would’ve been very cool to have four generations on the tee.  If you asked me to pick a course I would say either Pebble Beach, Cypress Point or Augusta National.

Three movies everyone should have in their movie library: Anchor Man, Old School, Dumb and Dumber

What animal would be most terrifying if it could speak: Probably Great white shark or a Black Mamba, actually the Black Mamba because just like in real life people are terrified of snakes.

What’s your fast food guilty pleasure: Wendy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy Johns

What is your greatest strength as a business person: Finding Acquisitions, Following through, Finding solutions

A place you’ve never been but would love to visit: A nice beach for my wife as I avoid those trips and always pick golf locations, probably would still have to have a golf course though.  I can’t sit still so I need to have something to do after an hour of sitting.

The NHL would like to schedule an NHL exhibition game in Brandon, what two teams would you like to see hit the ice: Winnipeg vs Las Vegas – bring in the local flare on both sides with the Manitoba team and past players and Manitoba GM.

How do you relax after a hard day at the office: I like to cook so I usually fire up the Traeger with some sort of meat dish, drink a nice glass of wine, go in the hot tub, then watch a good Netflix show.

What was the last TV-show you binge watched: Ozarks/Ray Donovan

If you owned the Wheat Kings would you change the name and why: I would never change the name or branding………you can’t change history, it has value.

Worst business decision you have made: I don’t look at past business decisions this way as to best or worst.  Everybody knows in private business you have to take risks and part of that is some not working out and learning from it, never making the same mistake twice and most importantly finding solutions to turn bad ones around so they are good again.

Best business decision you have made: As per above I don’t look at decisions this way but a huge opportunity I have been fortunate enough to be a part of is mentoring under my dad and having the opportunity to take over the family business at a young age.  My dad is still around the office grinding it out to this day and enjoys it.  He s a great role model.

Palm Springs your favorite trip: Without a doubt.

Will Jaxon (son) be a better hockey player than you: He already is!!!!! Robin and I are super proud of his accomplishments and dedication to training but most importantly being a humble person and a good teammate.  We are also very proud of our daughter Halle for her strength and dedication to English Riding as she is very talented and never gets credit.  She is very supportive of her brother, never complains about how much hockey travel we do and always fits her training in around the hockey travel to make it work for our family.

Word on the street is you were a closet fan of One Tree Hill: Yikes, Just googled it…..I have no idea what that show is about, you must have mistaken me with Landon Trotter on that one…lol

Which soccer player makes the most money in the world: I was going to guess David Beckham or Messi as I don’t watch soccer can’t sit still that long, I sometimes catch a game in the extra minutes as those minutes are usually exciting.

What is Cher’s last name: Not relevant….she goes by Cher that s all anyone needs to know

What are the Vegas Odds of you winning the Tamarack this year: I enjoy the week off of work and the golf.  The course is always in great shape at that time of year and it’s a fun week to see all the fellow competitors.  As to my golf game it will come down to how much golf I get in over the next month before the tourney as I haven’t been playing that much only in my golf league on Thursdays this year due to work and organizing hockey for kids during the pandemic.  I enjoy being competitive in the mix and if it works out it works out.  It’ll be great to take some time off given the situation out there and I am just happy for the committee that so far the tournament is a go as long as Manitoba stays safe.  It takes a ton of work to run that tournament and adjust it this year so I appreciate everything our committee is doing. 

Is Steve McMillan or Jason Roblin your most valuable employee: They are both 100% solid. No complaints.

What would be the first thing you would do as Mayor of Brandon: I don’t fit the bill for politics.  It doesn’t fit my personality or patience meter.