Community Connection: 20 Questions with Joel Snyder


Joel runs the Brandon Men’s Soccer League and is an avid beer hockey league player in the Wendy’s Winter Hockey League. He is your local Purolator driver as well as an overall good guy. BDNMB.CA felt it is time for Joel Snyder to give us his 20 answers to our 20 questions

What should everyone try at least once in their life: Double chocolate chip frap at Starbucks … changer

You didn’t want to take over the family business, Brandon Ave Electric, was there a reason: My life is not electricity

 People you enjoy following on Twitter: @biznasty

Last 3 items on your credit card statement: Michael Hill – Sobeys – Cell Phone

Quote you live by: DDFC – we do what we want

How many hours per day screen time: 2 hours

Secret skill: Used to be a kickboxer

Who did you vote for and why: I didn’t vote

How do you feel about being our youngest person we have asked to do 20 questions: I don’t feel too young

Will your WWHL team make the finals this year: NO – we are the oldest team in the league

Favorite song: Kiss from a rose: Seal

Go to local watering hole: Decker or Tavern

Favorite 3 TV shows: The Wire – Ballers – Seinfeld

Pickles or Olives: Pickles but not sweet ones

Do you know my dogs names: Pepsi and Curlin (that’s impressive)

Beckham or Ronaldo and why: Ronaldo ….. Beckham was good

Ever have a crush on a school teacher: Student teacher in grade 5

Better hockey player you or your dad: Vern is

Do you wear underwear more than one day: Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

If you had a fire what would be the first thing you would take before you left your house: Pets – once in the night the alarm went off ( false one ) and I leaped up and ran through the house and left my GF sleeping on the couch …. She wasn’t happy.