Community Connection: 20 Questions with Katie McMillan


Katie McMillan has been employed at Vionell Holdings Partnership since March of 2016. She is currently the VP of Operations and lives in Brandon with her husband (Steve) and two children.

Best Christmas movie: Christmas Vacation, obviously!

If you could choose a super power, what would it be: The ability to read minds.

A TV show would you like to make a cameo in: Kim Possible (because my daughter would think I’m so cool!)

What is your go to cocktail: My go to is always red wine… but since that’s not technically a “cocktail”, I’ll go with Moscow Mule.

What city in Canada have you never visited but you’re dying to get there: Next time I’m out west, I’d love to island hop some of the smaller gulf islands in BC (Thetis Island, Galiano Island etc).

Would you rather go 30 days without your cell phone or your entire life without dessert: I’m not really a dessert person so I could easily give that up. If the question was phone or pizza, I’d give up my phone in a heart beat!!

Three local people you would like to see featured in upcoming editions of 20 questions on, Jared Jacobson, Jason Roblin would all be entertaining

Morning person or a night person: Morning person (after I’ve had coffee).

Best way to decompress after a day at the office: See #4. Cheers!

Of Popeyes, Smoke’s Poutinerie, Carl’s Jr., or Taco Del Mar which would you like to see make an appearance in Brandon in 2020: Smoke’s Poutinerie. Can we make this happen?

What is a cause that is important to you: Canadian Cancer Society.

Heels, flats, or sneakers: Flats.

Window or aisle seat: My bladder is tiny so I always opt for the aisle seat.

What’s one thing you always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do: Skydive.

What three words would you use to describe Brandon: Community, friendly, home.

If you could go to any concert past or present, what would it be: Baby Shark.

What color of dress did you wear to grad: Pink

Favourite Disney character: I find Rolly from 101 Dalmatians pretty relatable.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say: “Warning: approach with caution prior to caffeine consumption.”

If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or over it: Jump in it!