Community Connection: 20 Questions with Scott Ball


BDNMB.CA loves to find people who we consider contribute to this city on a day to day basis. This can be said for Precision Toyota owner Scott Ball. After a recent rebuild of Precision Toyota (over the past 12 months) we wanted to check in with Scott to how he would do with some questions that the public are wanting to know.

I have read that Toyota vehicles sell themselves and the salesperson is just really directing traffic in the showroom, would you agree with that statement: I do agree Toyota’s do sell themselves but my belief is our staff need to sell our guests on the experience they will have while purchasing a vehicle and I believe that’s why were successful.

When you father Ron handed over the keys to the business that must have been one of the most exciting and yet scary days of your life: Well there really wasn’t any key handing ceremony at all. I’ve ran the dealership for many years prior to the transition so it was honestly just another day at the office for us.

You started at Precision in 1998, what was your job: I started out in the wash bay for the first while, then moved to a service advisor role shortly after.

COVID 19 has had for some businesses both short and long term financial strains, how has COVID effected Precision Toyota: Well I think in some capacity it has affected our business in the spring but other than that we have had a great year in our new facility.

Did you and your family ever consider buying the Wheat Kings: No we didn’t, but I’m happy for Jared and his family, Kelly picked the right guy to keep the Wheaties in Brandon long-term

On a scale of 1 – 100, what percentage of clients are good to deal with: 99% I would say. We rarely have any bad experiences

Should the Winnipeg Jets trade Laine, and why: No that would be crazy! He’s what 22 years old and an elite scorer! He would be hard to replace

You have been married for almost a decade, what is something you miss about being single: I honestly don’t miss anything about being single! Naydia and I have been together 18 years and married 15 with 3 great kids. She’s the reason I am where I am today

Your wife Naydia and your sister Angie and others are the new driving force (bad cliché I know) behind Westman Dreams For Kids.  What kind of pride do you and your family feel from that project: Obviously we take a lot of pride on what WMDK has become over the years. It’s helped a lot of families in need.

Would you say Scott Glennie is the best Wheat King of all time and Jordan Hale the worst: Scott would be top 10 for sure in my books but Provy to me was the best Wheatie of our era.

One business Brandon needs: I’d really like to see a Drive Inn theatre make its way back. We did one in the summer as a fundraiser and it was very successful.

Would you consider yourself a techy nerd: No, I wouldn’t at all

Favorite family vacation spot: Hawaii, Naydia and I try to take the kids there every couple of years

Why do you have a cabin in Sandy Lake and not Clear Lake: Well my parents have a cabin there and that’s where I spent my summers as a kid. We’ve had no desire to move to a different lake we really enjoy it up there.

How big of a role model has your father been in your life: I could write a book on what he’s taught me over the years and I’m grateful for that. He’s the smartest man I know that’s for sure.

Would you ever run for City Council: I do appreciate what they do for our city but I don’t think I could ever run.

Favorite bag of chips: BBQ

Pepsi or Coke: Either I’m not picky

Worst business memory to date: Honestly don’t have one

Rumor has it you golf with Scott Major (local real estate agent) a bit in the summer, is he really that bad at golf: Well I do poke fun at him often on Facebook and yeah he awful. Golfed with the guy 15 years and he just isn’t getting any better hopefully he reads this and get lessons this winter