Community Infusion winners announced


Fusion Credit Union launched Community Infusion in 2021, an initiative designed to promote economic development and entrepreneurship in their communities. Fusion’s Business Development Manager Mike Csversko explains, “Community Infusion stems from the belief that economic development is the foundation behind thriving communities. With community impact being a strategic priority for Fusion, the idea of a business competition to help grow local commerce was a natural fit.”

Through the annual Community Infusion competition, current and aspiring business owners can apply to share in up to $30,000 towards a new business idea, an expanding business idea, or the purchase or improvement of an existing business. This year, Fusion received 17 submissions from entrepreneurs across their 18 communities, and the four finalists participated in the live event in Russell MB on October 4, 2022.

The 2nd Annual 2022 Community Infusion finalists included Fierce Female Hockey Camp, Moonlit Canopy, Dauphin Lake Rentals, and Modern Mini and Me online store. With over 85 audience members in attendance, the four businesses pitched their idea to the Fusion panel of judges, and the $30,000 was awarded!

Fusion is pleased to announce that Fierce Female Hockey Camp won first place and was awarded $20,000. Moonlit Canopy came in second place and won $5,000, and Dauphin Lake Rentals and Modern Mini and Me each won $2,500.

Darwin Johns, CEO of Fusion Credit Union, was on hand to award the prizes and said, “The joy on our winners faces tonight is an excellent reminder of how important it is to offer these opportunities. The Community Infusion event is another great example of just how much incredible entrepreneurial spirit lives in rural Manitoba”.

Melissa Rushton, Fusion’s Director of Credit Risk who acted as a judge at the event, commented, “It was not an easy decision to make, as we had so many fantastic entrepreneurs share their journey and aspirations with us. Community Infusion provides a platform for great ideas to come to life, and we have no doubt Amy Doerksen and the Fierce Female Hockey group will do amazing things with this prize money”.

Congratulations to all winners and participants! Fusion is proud to partner with entrepreneurs to help enrich and grow communities across Manitoba.