Curtis ‘The Demon’ Demarce New Canadian Featherweight (MMA) Champion


Brandon's Curtis 'The Demon' Demarce is the new reigning Canadian Featherweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion.

The fight took place in Edmonton on Saturday September 30th. Unified 28 was one of the biggest fight cards of the year. There were three title bouts in front of a crowd of nearly 3000 at The Palace.

Demarce fought Parwez Ghulam. It was a three round bout, ending in TKO.

Demarce says, "the fight was very frustrating for me. He ran from me the whole fight. Anytime that I tried to close the distance, get on the inside to use my boxing or get a take-down he would circle away and run. I expected more pressure from him."

"Half way through the fight I had to switch my game plan, find his angles and throw something unorthodox as he was circling away from my power. A lot can happen. A good fighter finds a way to adapt on his feet, switch the plan and get the win. Happy I could get it done."

Curtis Demarce Brandon MB

Curtis Demarce at Tastee's waiting on his champ burger.

What's next for Demarce? He looks to move up a weight class and capture the Lightweight title and keep both divisions active. An ambitious feat for this career fighter. No other Canadian has ever held both titles simultaneously.

Demarce trains here at home in Brandon at Brandon Academy of Mixed Martial Arts and does full training camp, pre-fight at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose California.

He has been fighting for over a decade now, currently ranked in the top 3 in Canada. Some of his career highlights are featured on YouTube.

In the MMA context, Demarce walked away from this fight virtually unscathed. Not a mark on his knuckles, merely a broken nose, torn ligament in the foot and a couple stitches. All in a day's work.

Champ Burger Tastees Brandon MB

Champ Burger @ Tastee's.

Curtice Demarce and his squad in Edmonton inmmediately post fight.

Curtice Demarce and his squad in Edmonton inmmediately post fight.