Daly Overpass Update, street closures start Tuesday

Daly Overpass project . Photo: Province of Manitoba

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastrucute (MTI) has initiated construction work for the Daly Overpass Project. Construction is now beginning and will last until Summer 2024. Two lanes of traffic over the Daly Overpass (one in each direction) will be maintained throughout the project period, with a few minor exceptions for brief periods.

Please note the following as it relates to construction activities on McDonald Avenue and Stickney Avenue between 17th St N and 19th St N (see map below):

From February 22, 2022 – July 1, 2022, McDonald Avenue and Stickney Avenue will be
closed to vehicular traffic between 17th St N and 19th St N

• Construction, including piling activity, in this area is expected to begin in March 2022 and will last for up to a month; noise and vibration can be expected generally between 7 AM and 7 PM daily

• Sewer work will take place during the same period. While sewer and water service will
continue uninterrupted, residents and business owners may occasionally experience
discoloured water. Discolouration of water occurs due to changes in flow, but does not
impact safety or potability of the water

• Detours will be in place as illustrated on the map on reverse; local access will be provided at all times

• The vacant land immediately west of Livingstone Landscaping will serve as a construction staging area for the duration of the construction project; a second staging area is located south of the CP rail line on the site of the former Kullberg’s warehouse building

Project updates will be provided at the following link: