Day Drinking in Brandon


What happens if your only day off is a Tuesday? No car or no interest in driving to Clear Lake for the day? Well, what ARE you going to do in Brandon that feels like a vacation? May I suggest day drinking! 

Finish your chores or that morning round of golf and head straight for your favourite patio. Like Jimmy Buffet used to sing, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere!" Use that as your excuse if you need one.

Choose to hide away at the fenced patio at The Dock and you might soon forget you're drinking downtown across from the Court House or around the corner from the old bus depot.

But in all seriousness, The Dock is a great choice for two reasons. 1) They always have  a bartender on duty.  2) You can get a peach margarita for about $6. They don't stock Patron tequila, but after your 2nd or 3rd Sauza Gold peach margarita, Brandon starts to feel like a tropical paradise and who really cares about brand names anyway. 

Boston Pizza Brandon MB

If you're meeting the girls for a 'be seen on the scene' lunch date, you have to visit the patio at Prairie Firehouse on Princess! Their newly opened patio is gorgeous! It's also comfortable and offers high visibility. So whether you're watching for gym members lapping the block from nearby Crossfit Rocked, or you're hoping to see someone you know get a parking ticket on Princess Ave, this is the place to hang out. 

One of the things I like best about the Prairie Firehouse is that they have a summer sipping drink menu. From sangrias to customized mojitos, you'll find something cool and trendy. My favourite on this list has to be the blackberry mojito, but I think this requires additional research just to be sure. 

Prairie Firehouse Brandon MB Drink Menu

My third suggestion for day drinking in Brandon is good ol' BP. Boston Pizza on Richmond has an out of the way, cozy, fenced, discreet patio. Perfect for having a drink with your old high school buddies or your side chick. Maybe split a jug of draft or spice things up here with a caesar. But of course the franchise has many signature drinks on the menu and a daytime bartender on staff, so you really can't go wrong. Well, unless of course you wife sees your truck in the parking lot and you were supposed to be at work. But that's just a whole separate category of wrong. 

To summarize… day drinking: It's a perfect way to forget that our city doesn't have a Red Lobster and probably isn't getting a Costco either.