Disturbing the Peace


Headline Act Pre-maturely Takes their leave from Minnedosa Festival


Ironically, “Our Lady Peace” nearly created a riotous situation in Minnedosa over the weekend.  The popular 1990’s Toronto rock band was slated as the Sunday night headliner to close the annual three day Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa festival and had barely begun their set when the decision was made to make their exit because of an looming thunderstorm warning.


Within minutes, the threat of angry skies about was quickly eclipsed by an angered crowd of more than 3,000 and a chorus of boos rang out over the valley for the first time of the weekend.  As tempers flared and the crowd grew aggressive, the band was already tucked away on their bus and off site.


I drove fifteen hours to see Our Lady Peace,” declared one man. “I’ll never come back to Minnedosa again.”


However, while disappointed, many spectators who were stage-side for the performance reluctantly resigned themselves to the risks of outdoor concerts and their reliance on favorable weather.


The weekend was highlighted by a show-stealing performance by Calgary rockers Loverboy on Saturday night.


Michael Reno has my bra!,” exclaimed a noticeably flushed patron after Saturday night’s set. “Can you imagine?,” she continued, “I’m 51 years old and my bra finally made it on Loverboy’s stage!”


While the weekend featured some popular acts among the all-Canadian line up for the 13th annual festival along the eastern shore of Minnedosa Lake, few had the full engagement of the crowd like lead singer Mike Reno and company.  Belting out hits like “Lovin’ Every Minute of It” and “Workin’ for the Weekend”, even fans who appeared too young to have enjoyed the tunes when they were chart-toppers were singing along enthusiastically.  Reno, now 61, was touted by long time fans as ‘not missing a beat’ in his performance be-fitting headliner status.


But it wasn’t only the main stage performances that drew rave reviews over the weekend.  On the Heritage Co-op stage atop the hillside, a great line up of emerging artists and supporting acts was convened, including some local musicians from the area.  However, patrons were unanimous in favorable feedback for “A Travellin’ Band”, a Creedence Clearwater Revival” tribute act who paid proper tribute to their material.


It’s of interest to note that the weekend’s line-up featured the first all-Canadian slate of acts since the festival began in 2003.  Other bands on the bill included Kenny Shields & Streetheart, Sloan, 54/40 and Age of Electric.