Dog Blood Clinic at Brandon Hills Vet Clinic


A number of us will take for granted that if your dog is injured and requires blood that this will be no problem.. This is where the Canadian Animal Blood Bank comes in. The Blood Bank will set up in various Vet locations across Canada with the hope of getting as much blood possible.

The Brandon Hills Vet Clinic on 17th street in Brandon was the location today, as roughly 15 dogs were on-hand donating their blood.

Local Vet Jay Thrush feels this is, without a doubt, a very important idea and people should take part in the blood drive if they can. “ We normally have blood supplies locally, but if we needed a larger amount of blood ,we can access their services and have blood at our clinic within a few hours“

To be a candidate, your dog must meet the following criteria:

  • over 55 pounds

  • No older than 8 years old

  • Current with vaccinations

  • Somewhat calm personalit

Next local times and dates where your dog can donate:

Brandon Hills – February 2nd
Grand Valley – February 9th

Success stories from the Canadian Animal Blood Bank”