Donor celebrates 50th year of Brandon University with $50,000 gift


BRANDON – An anonymous couple has found a fitting, and very generous, way to recognize Brandon University’s (BU’s) 50th year.

The couple gifted shares to the University valued at approximately $50,000. Written on the donation form was, “Happy Birthday BU!”

“Brandon University is a high-quality jewel, a treasure,” said one of the donors. “I wanted to honour the quality of the people at BU – the staff and faculty, as well as the students. The students are extraordinary!”

The donors have asked that $15,000 be used to establish an endowment that will support student needs in the School of Music. The endowment will fund initiatives such as student travel, instrument repair and maintenance, practice studios and more. The remainder of the gift will be used to create an endowment fund to support travel opportunities and experiences for students in all disciplines across BU.

“This is a wonderful reminder that the School of Music and Brandon University are able to reach people in such meaningful ways that they make generous donations like this,” said Greg Gatien, Dean of Music at BU. “Our donors do so much to help us, support us, and inspire us.  This gift means so much to our faculty and students, and will be a great help to them as they strive towards their musical goals.”

Founded as Brandon College in 1899, BU received its charter as a university in 1967, and is spending the 2017-18 year celebrating the 50-year milestone. To mark the occasion the 50th Year Fund has been launched, giving donors that chance to give to any of the University’s faculties (Arts, Education, Health Studies and Science) or the School of Music. Donors may also choose to give to the Brandon College Heritage Fund to support the preservation of the history and archives of the College.

Donors who make a gift on or before December 31 will receive a charitable tax receipt for 2017. Charitable tax receipts that can be used for 2018 will be issued for gifts made on or after January 1.

“We have received wonderful support from donors and the community this year, and we expect that to continue in the coming weeks and months,” said BU Development Officer Shawna English. “The support of our donors is vital in keeping BU vibrant and in providing a great experience for our students.”

The donation is one of two significant gifts made to the University recently. Members of the BU President’s Administrative Council have pledged a total of $50,000 to the Brandon University Foundation in response to the BU50 staff and faculty fundraising appeal.

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