Downtown restaurant celebrates five years in business

Photo: Benny's Restaurant & Catering Services

On August 18, 2021 local eatery Benny’s Restaurant & Catering Services celebrated its fifth anniversary. The restaurant, located at 612 Rosser Ave, was previously the home to the Green Olive Restaurant, prior to Ben Hernandez taking over in 2016.

Since they purchased the restaurant, and the building, they have done a lot of
cosmetic changes to the interior of the restaurant and a few major mechanical improvements to make their guests and employees more comfortable when dining and a better quality of work place for the staff.

“The industry is always changing as technology advances, on line ordering has become a huge change for most restaurants specially ours, covid-19 made that change even larger due to the many closures we went through” said Hernandez about the changes he has seen in the industry the past 5-years. The restaurant reviews their menu annually, making little changes to it along the way. Many of their guests identify with their favorite menu items making it hard to do wholesale changes.

Along with a rib eye steak, highlights on Benny’s menu includes baby back BBQ ribs, pan roasted salmon, a traditional reuben, and a clubhouse sandwich. A variety of appetizers, soups and salads round out the menu, along with a selection of daily desserts. A slow roasted prime rib of beef, served with their signature beef jus, is available on Friday & Saturday nights.

According to Hernandez, the success of the restaurant can be attributed to many factors including being consistent, a high quality of product, customer service and ensuring that food freshness is their top priority. “We have been blessed by the amount of support we got from our guests not only during the pandemic but during the last 5 years, we also need to
commend the staff that works here now and those who worked during all these years because they made us who we are today! BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!” added Hernandez.

Photo: Benny’s Restaurant & Catering Services


Photo: Benny’s Restaurant & Catering Services
Photo: Benny’s Restaurant & Catering Services