Dundee Designs, not your average gift store


BDNMB.CA always attempts to find local and regional “HIDDEN GEMS” and today we made the trip to Alexander, about a 20-minute drive from Brandon, to visit the people at Dundee Designs.

Now, this is not a new business by any means and according to Shirley Lloyd-Davies she has taken what was originally a hobby and grew it into a thriving business. They have been working out of their current building since roughly 2002.

We are always evolving to keep things new and fresh like our Dundee Design Nights where people can design layered art and family calendars” said Shirley. Coming up with new ideas and concepts help keep her and husband Kelly very busy.

Currently Dundee is in the process of designing their trade show booth to get ready for a big show in Toronto. According to Davies “very few Canadian made companies exist at these trade shows and the event organizer is excited to see companies such as ours”.

One item Dundee specializes in is their custom metal signs and house numbers. For example, the Brandon Wheat Kings sign posted below is made up entirely inside their facility. And the prices are more than reasonable as well. To see samples of all their signs, click this link.

The store has almost everything for a person looking to upgrade their home with small items, to larger items, that can’t be found in any box store. Without a doubt this is an amazing shopping destination located very close to Brandon.

Best of luck to Shirley, Kelly and their daughter Teal.